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Who is Doug Stabler

The man behind ATV Wholesale Outlet.

The man who doesn’t just order vehicles and parts from a catalogue. He makes regular doug3trips to China for tours of motorcycle manufacturing plants. In a three to four week visit, he may see thirty to forty companies, noting product design, cleanliness, organization, and working conditions. He meets with the owners or managers of plants he is interested in. This is important to Doug for reasons of quality and for getting the best prices, but above that he says “every time I get a shipment and I open the crate, I know where this came from.”

 Doug previously owned a body shop and custom exhaust business in Sacramento.  In 2003 he saw an underserved segment of the motorsport enthusiasts market.  He knew the Sacramento area had ideal weather conditions as well as proximity to mountain trails, beaches, and dunes, and he sensed a growing interest in the practicality of sharp-looking, affordable, cheap-to-maintain vehicles.

 Here are Doug’s words on how he came up with the idea for ATV Wholesale Outlet:

 “My kids wanted a  go-cart. I found a flat-to-the-ground bright red little cutie at Costco.  My kids and I took turns zooming neighborhood streets as fast as we could, skidding around corners,  burning out. In other words ‘treating it badly.’ But it just kept going.

 One night I’m chatting with a few car buddies and we get on the subject of  this tough little Chinese go-cart. Wow—if it just had a bigger engine, inflatable tires to grip the road, an adult- size frame option. I started checking around and was surprised to see—it doesn’t exist.  I got on my computer looking at who is building them in China. After some emails back and forth I found myself with multiple invitations to meet with Chinese motorcycle factory owners and tour their plants. One month later heading home, my head was exploding with every description of motorcycle, ATV, and go-carts.  I knew what I wanted to do.

 The first step was deciding what I wanted, hoping to guess accurately what customers would buy in Sacramento. I started applying for approvals from the Environmental Protection Agency  and California Air Resources Board, processes that take many months.  Holding my breath I sent a big check to China and placed the order.  That was the beginning of ATV Wholesale Outlet. I continue to make regular trips to see my friends in China as I stay on top of  the latest products and maintain quality control.”

Doug’s a perfectionist, and he wants to give his customers what he demands for himself in choices and services. He’s an outgoing guy, a family man, and he practices what he preaches. Doug owns ATVs, he takes his kids for outings on mountain trails, and he can answer just about any question you may have about off-road vehicles.