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Mile Range

Choose your own adventure with Aventure.2, fully loaded with a torque sensor. Its torque sensor has intuitive technology that amplifies your pedaling cadence, promoting a more natural riding experience. Switch between 4 levels of pedal assist and throttle to bring you more of what’s out there without breaking a sweat. Go beyond the average dirt road with 4” fat tires, a suspension fork, and a powerful motor that will cover ground over sand, rock, or snow with ease.

Key Features

28 MPH

60 Mile Range

48V 15 Ah Battery


26" x 4" Tires


Gear & Accessories

Fully Assembled

Veteran Ran

0% Financing

2 Year Warranty

In-House Repair

Motor: 1130W (Peak) 750W (Sustained), 48V Brushless Rear Hub Motor

Battery: Removable Internal Lithium-ion 48V, 15Ah (720Wh)

Charge Time: Included is a 48V 3 Amp Fast Charger, 4-5 Hour Charging

Display: LCD Smart Easy Read Display with Backlight, Colorful screen with app

Drive Mode: Torque Sensor

Top Speed: Up to 28 MPH on Pedal Assist

Range: Up to 60 Miles, Using PAS 1 throughout flat terrain with a rider weight of 160 lb.

Weight Capacity: Maximum Payload Capacity: 400 lbs

Net Weight: 77 lbs

Pedal Assist:
4 Levels

Frame: 6061 Single-Butted Aluminum Alloy with Internal Battery

Forks: Suspension Fork with 80mm travel, with lockout

Brakes: Hydraulic Disc Brakes

26″ x 4″ Puncture Resistant

Double Wall Aluminum 36h Front & Rear

8 Speed

Size & Fit

The Aventure.2 comes in 2 sizes to suit most adults.

Regular 5'3" - 5'10"

Large 5'10" - 6'4"

dimensions of Aventure.2
Frame SizeRegularLarge
Top Tube Length604mm604mm
Head Tube Length140mm140mm
Standover Height665mm713mm
Min Saddle Height860mm940mm
Max Saddle Height980mm1060mm

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631 Reviews




Feel like I’m 12 again!
I just got my bike on Tuesday (10/26/21) after ordering it Sept. 7. I was bummed out to wait so long, but do understand some things can’t be controlled, especially now. My husband is still waiting for his, so I’ve ridden solo 4 times. I am having a ball! I live in western PA, so I have hills to climb that I wouldn’t even attempt on a regular bike. I might as well walk. This has made me get back out on the roads again. The bike is sturdy, easy to use, great tires for the dirt and gravel roads, and makes riding fun again. The hills drain my battery fairly quickly, but I figure that’s a combo of user “out-of-shapedness” and terrain. I went 20.8 miles yesterday on some big hills with 3-5 assist, and it was at 1%. Headlight and taillight work well, it shifts smoothly, and was easy for my son to put together. I would recommend the Aventure. Love it. Can’t wait for more adventures.

Nathan & Jessica



Incredible Bicycle from an Incredible Company!
As for the bicycle, what can be said? It’s liberating! It’s life-changing! It’s very well-built/solid with nice components, it functions exactly as advertised, and has been an absolute blast to ride! Oh, and it’s a definite head turner. People constantly ask about it and a few have even taken photos. The bicycle sells itself, quite honestly. Our experience with the Aventure (and Aventon) has been wonderful. It’s our first foray into electric bicycles and the reviews were dead on. You can’t beat it for the price. No regrets whatsoever. Thanks!
Nathan & Jessica

Donnie D.



Love my new ebikes
My wife and I love are Aventon Aventure bikes. Arrived without issues. Easy to assemble. We have ridden every weekend and have found the controls easy to use.

Mark Steffens



Outperforms my expectations
I am impressed and glad I bought my Aventon. It is a solid bike and I am enjoying riding it everyday. It is very quick and I enjoy covering great distances allowing me to build my cardiac endurance and having fun on every ride.

Kathy Beltz



Aventon Aventure x2
We love them! We’re both in our mid-60’s and use them both for exercise and recreation. Just returned from trip to Tennessee and Virginia and was able to see much more than if we were hoofing it!

Brandon R.



Loved it, so purchased a second!
After a month I can tell you that this eBike has exceeded our expectations. I’m around 205 lbs and this bike has been great uphill, which was my main concern as I live in a hilly area. On 5% grade I can maintain 25 mph. Battery life has been great and feel if the bike very stable. Love the 4 inch wheels. Really enjoying this bike and having a blast. Everyone that drops by and tries it falls in love. That’s why I had to buy a second one!

Lee W.



Outstanding all-around eBike
I purchased my Aventure in August, and have ridden it daily for 3 months. It’s heavy, but very powerful, ton of torque, and it handles really well. I haven’t wrecked it. It goes 33 mph on flat pavement at max assist, with me pedaling my legs off in high gear. Conversely, I can get it up an unpaved 45 degree hill at max assist, in the lowest gear, at a modest walking speed. Stops on a dime. I’ve never run below 30% charge.
I never “just run out to the store” in a car anymore. There’s no need, and I’m still looking for excuses to take the bike out, after 3 months. We like it so much, we purchased a Level for my wife, and she uses hers daily too.
I actually thought of it as a hunting accessory, to quietly go deep into the woods. For scouting, it’s great.
See the photo for my seasonal hunting modification.

Jay & Nichole



Maiden voyage
Battery was at 44%, I let it charge till I couldn’t wait any longer and left with about 65%.
First electric bike. I have experience with enduro motorcycles and casual mountain biking with my young child.
I’ll just say it was a hoot jamming along at 27 mph on our local wooded nature path. (Long sight lines/ old graded rr track).
For good measure i ran it out of battery on the way back. Peddled the road for about 3 miles with no power. Flat grade, it wasn’t so bad. Some minor hills did remind me it was a 75lb bike )
All in all I’m very happy with it for my first day of ownership

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