Level Step-Through

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Mile Range


The Level Step-Through is designed for riders who rate comfort and ease-of-use as highly as they do functionality. Built in fenders, a versatile rack, and ride tempering front suspension mean that, wherever you go, you'll be riding in comfort, carrying all you need, whilst safely protected from the elements below. With the same technology under the hood as our beloved Level Commuter ebike, but with a lower center of gravity and a step-through for the less able-bodied amongst us, the Level Step-Through will keep up with the traffic during the week and even the fastest of grandchildren on the weekend.

Key Features



Weight Capacity: Maximum Payload Capacity: 300 lbs Net Weight: 73 lbs Pedal Assist: 5 Levels

Electrical & Power

Motor: 750W (Peak) 500W (Sustained), 48V Brushless Rear Hub Motor Battery: Removable Internal Lithium-ion 48V, 14Ah (672Wh) Charge Time: 48V 3 Amp Fast Charger, 4-5 Hour Charging Display: M5 LCD Smart Easy Read Display with Backlight Drive Mode: Cadence Sensor, Speed Sensor Top Speed: Up to 28 MPH on Pedal Assist and 20 MPH on Throttle Range: 40 Miles Average

Bike Components

Frame: 6061 Single-Butted Aluminum Alloy with Internal Battery Forks: Coil spring suspension, thru-axle, 75mm travel, with lockout Brakes: Front/Rear Hydraulic Disc Brakes, 180mm Rotors Tires: 27.5" x 2.2" Ebike Rated, Reflective Sidewalls Wheels: Double Wall Aluminum 36h Front & Rear Derailleur: 8 Speed

Size & Fit


Level comes in 2 sizes to suit most adults.

S/M 4'11" - 5'7"

M/L 5'8"- 6'2"

Aventon Level Step-Through
Aventon Level Step-Through
Aventon Level Step-Through
Aventon Level Step-Through
Aventon Level Step-Through

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An Enabling Bicycle

I've enjoyed cycling my whole life and used to ride regularly with my wife. However, about 20 years ago, she developed rheumatoid arthritis and had to give up cycling. I recently purchased a Level Step-Through for her birthday. She needed the Step-Through because of limited range of motion. The bike has proven to be a real enabler and she rides it with ease. We are lucky to live in the Huntsville, AL area and have access to Redstone Arsenal with over 38,000 acres of roads to ride (although not all accessible!). Traffic there is minimal, especially on weekends when we tend to ride the most. The Level has proven up to any amount of riding we do, with me on my non-electric and her on the Level.

We had a couple of minor problems when we first got the bike: the battery release lever broke and we had a strange failure on the computer control/display system. The computer/display system would occasionally go into a bad mode where it would read 62mph (100kph) regardless of the actual speed. I contacted Aventon, who quickly dispatched a new battery release lever and new computer/display. Since then we've had no problems with the bike or equipment.

I occasionally use the bike to run errands around town or just for an early evening joyride. It's nice to be able to go the distance without using a car!
Overall, we're very pleased with the Level and have recommended it to others. We're riding together again after all these years thanks to the Aventon Level.



Great Aventon Level Bikes

Me and my wife Love Bike riding, made it hard to keep up long distances with a normal bike, we decided to go electric and opted for Aventon Electric Bikes, WOW what a game changer, this bikes performs awesome and we can go up to 36 miles range up to 20 miles per hr on our Santa ana Trail. the quality on this bikes are great, when i need a sudden stop the bike responds perfectly, the suspension is great on those bumps, we hard feel them and helps have a great balance on fast speeds, easy to maneuver on corners and sharp turns, for the price point you will get a quality bike, I don't write reviews but we are so happy now i wanted to share our experience, we are getting in great shape and will continue to bike for more miles to come.



Love these bikes!

Bought two Level Cruisers, one for my wife and one for me. We are happily amazed at how well they look and preform. I like to say with an ebike, “You get all of the pleasure of riding a bike, without all of the effort”.
Customer service has been awesome. One of our bikes had a bent rear rack and some scratches from shipping. I contacted Aventon Customer Service and received an email reply from Antonio. I then filed an online claim. Within a couple of days, I was provided a $50.00 refund to my PayPal Account and an email containing the paint code information. Then, to my surprise, I received a new rear rack about three weeks later.
Did I say Great Customer Service!
So far we have no regrets in making the decision to purchase from Aventon.
I will say at this price point, they really should come with a mirror and lights, thus the four star rating.



What a FUN way to enjoy bike riding again

I'm in my mid 60's and have trouble with my knees. For the past few years I haven't been able to ride my bike very much because when I'd get about 5 or 6 miles out... my knees would start to hurt so badly that I'd have to stop and rest them. Even going so far as to having to walk my bike up hills on the way back home.

With the Aventon Level bikes we bought, I no longer have to worry about my knees locking up on me. I am able to pedal as much as I want and can count on the pedal assist to get me up the hills.

I was a bit worried that the bikes wouldn't live up to their hype... but, after taking my first ride, I knew that the hype didn't really describe the experience to its fullest.

If you're hesitant about pulling the trigger... I can understand. It IS an investment. But I strongly believe that you will find the riding experience to be even better than what you're hoping!



Perfect commuter/pleasure bike

Purchased because my husband and I both ride road bikes but I always struggle to keep up with him. Purchased the Level and it fits all my needs. On bike trails I keep the resist level at a speed where I’m able to get a workout and at the same time keep up with him when I get tired. And for pleasure it’s nice to take that morning ride to the coffee shop in shorts and a t-shirt. My husband got a little envious so we’re in the process of purchasing the Aventure for him, which will work perfectly for him to commute to work 20 miles round trip. Can’t recommend the Level enough. I’m 5’6 and weigh 140. I purchased a medium/large pass through. LOVE IT!!!



Excellent and fun

It’s a very sturdy and well put together bike. However I am just now have a problem after my 4th ride. The highest /hardest gear has trouble grabbing every approx 3rd petal while in no 5 mode. Hope customer service helps.

Other than that it has been a great ride and so easy to get used to. I have tried it on streets and today took it up a dirt path and it rode great. Well worth it.



They Thought of Everything!

I bought 2 of these bikes. Their specs and design rival many e-bikes that are both higher and over priced. The bikes look sexy, perform really well and although the bikes I got were considered commuter bikes, they do great on dirt and gravel paths. I find more and more people buying this brand because it's one they know and trust. I commute to work 9 miles each way, slightly uphill there and a nice cruise downhill back home. I've biked both in the rain and searing heat of the southern California sun and have racked up almost 1,000 miles since I purchased it at the start of this summer. It performs flawlessly. It just gives me an opportunity to ride farther and longer and quite frankly, it's more enjoyable when I can choose to engage the throttle whenever I want. I am enthusiastic about this brand and absolutely love this bike!



Out of the box!

After a month of shopping for E-bikes, I finally decided to go with the Aventon Level series. Bought the Step through for my wife and Commuter for myself. Took me about an hour each to finish the assembly. The directions could be better, so I encourage you to go to YouTube and watch a couple of videos on how to complete the assembly.
Straight out of the box they provide you with most of the tools required for assembly. Take your time, but it wasn't too difficult.
My Brother and law has these bikes and they wanted to come over for a ride and show us how to operate. We went on a 12 mile first ride. I was comfortable, and after 2-3 miles in had figured out the controls. I love these bikes and see us using them for many years to come.