OHV Green/Red Sticker Dirt Bikes in Sacramento 

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Built like a motorcycle, not a toy


Best Electric Mini Bikes


Starting at: $1,099

Apollo DB-25 Green

Starting at: $1,199

DB-25 Yellow fully automatically

Starting at: $1,199

Apollo Dirt
DB-X4 Blue 110cc
DB-X5 Red 125cc
Apollo DB -X
DB-X14 Green.PNG
Apollo DB-X15
Apollo DB-X16
Tao DB200
DB-X18 Black in stock

Starting at: $1,599

DB-X19 NEW Blue instock

Starting at: $1,699

Apollo Z-20 Manual 125cc

Starting at: $1,799

Apollo Z-20 Max

Starting at: $1,899

MXR 155.jpg
Apollo Z-40.jpg

Starting at: $2,099

Apollo Z-40 Max.jpg
Apollo 250cc Dirt Bike

Starting at: $2,499

Apoll RXF-150 Freeride

Starting at: $2,299

Apollo RXF-150cc Freeride MAX

Starting at: $2,499

YCF SM F125.jfif

Starting at: $2,109


Starting at: $2,209


Starting at: $2,409


Starting at: $3,109

ATV Wholesale Outlet is your premier supplier for OHV green and red sticker dirt bikes in Sacramento. We supply many OHV green and red sticker dirt bikes. With sizes ranging from the kid’s 70cc bike all the way up to 250cc bikes capable of riding over all types of terrain, when you visit ATV Wholesale Outlet, you’re sure to find the perfect dirt bike to take you on your next adventure.

To use our many powersport vehicles off-road in California, our dirt bikes must be green or red sticker approved. In doing this, the California Air Resources Board recognizes our vehicles meet all applicable emissions standards for California. Giving you the chance to experience our OHV green and red sticker dirt bikes in Sacramento. 

For more information on our full collection of OHV green and red sticker dirt bikes in Sacramento, contact us today. Our team is happy to answer any questions or concerns you have about our products.