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Gazelle Electric Bikes

Experience the joy of riding an ebike with Gazelle Bikes. Climb a daunting hill with ease, arrive fresh and relaxed at work with a carefree and car-free commute, or simply ride through the countryside to see where the road takes you. It’s all possible with the power, convenience, and reliability of Gazelle ebikes. Our pedal-assist ebikes come in a range of styles, seating positions, and performance levels. We have the perfect ebikes to meet the preferences and needs of every rider.

We are proud of our long history of producing the highest quality, most comfortable, and great-looking ebikes on the market and invite you to enjoy the ride with us. Discover our wide range of premium, durable, and delightful bikes to find the one that best suits you.


Active eBikes

Versatile, functional, and balanced.


Stunner Bike

Stunner bikes are comfort cruiser electric bikes that offer a sit-up-straight riding position. These eBikes are best for street riding and moderate trail rides. Riding a Biktrix Stunner is often compared to riding a fast couch on wheels. With three different models to choose from; Stunner, Stunner LT, and the Stunner X, the Stunner series offers something for everyone.


Sportive eBikes

High-performance, dynamic, and capable.


Easy eBikes

Upright, relaxed, and accessible.

Ebike Comparison

gazette Gazelle
Medeo T10+
specialized Specialized
Turbo Vado 3.0
trek Trek
Verve+ 3


1,000W 750w motor capacity 590w motor capacity


Dual Battery Single Battery Single Battery


Hub & Mid Hub Drive only Hub Drive only


Custom Manufacturer Manufacturer


Quad Piston Dual Single


5 Years 3 Years 1 Years

About Gazelle

For more than 130 years Gazelle has produced the highest-quality, most comfortable, lightweight bikes possible. Our focus on thoughtful design and technical innovation are inspired by our love of cycling, and a belief that bicycles should be a part of daily life. Our bikes feature low step-through frames to allow easy use by everyone, powerful and reliable mid-drive motors to get you where you need to go, and come complete with everything you need such as fenders, racks, lights, bells, locks, and kickstands.

Here at Gazelle, we believe that everyone should be able to enjoy the ride, and we make that our mission, every day.

Royal Dutch Gazelle

Royal Dutch Gazelle employs around 450 people worldwide. At our factory in Dieren, the Netherlands, we produce over 300,000 bikes a year. Quality has been at the forefront since our founding in 1892, which is why Gazelle is a marketleader in the Netherlands. More recently, in 1996, Gazelle’s production process was certified to the ISO-9001 standard. We are proud of our “Royal” title, which was awarded to us by Princess Margriet in honor of our 100th anniversary in 1992. This distinction further serves to cement our commitment to innovation and our pursuit to make cycling more enjoyable and accessible for everyone.

Dutch Design

At Gazelle, we produce bikes of unique quality and appearance with a minimum of weight and maximum comfort. Our mission is to make cycling easy and fun for everyone. This is why we strive to continue to promote smart Dutch design and technical innovation. Dutchies are probably the most critical customer of all when it comes to bikes. Therefore, we are confident that our bikes deliver exactly what cyclists around the world dream of.

History of Gazelle Bikes

Gazelle has a long and unique history that informs our values and inspires our bikes. Since our founding in 1892, we have grown from a small bike exporter to an internationally-renowned bicycle manufacturer. Here at Gazelle, we are proud of how far we’ve come and excited for where we’re headed. We’ll continue to make stylish, safe, comfortable bicycles that are built for your daily life and the long haul.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Sustainability is important to us at Royal Dutch Gazelle. Along every step of the process, we ask ourselves, “What impact will this create?”

How will our products affect people, the environment, and society? Gazelle is committed to finding and implementing the best, most sustainable solutions in manufacturing. Our current company practices and outside collaborations with other industry leaders mean that we are always looking for better practices and new innovations in sustainability. We want to make the world a better place for all of us and a better place to ride bikes.

Why Gazelle?

Because Nothing rides like a Gazelle

Why Gazelle? Because our bikes deliver an incomparable riding experience, and we achieve this by staying true to our core principles