Juggernaut Classic 9

Mid Drive Fat Tire
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Miles Per Charge

63 lbs


The Juggernaut Classic 9 eBike is our entry-level fat tire electric all-terrain bike. With a powerful mid-drive motor and plenty of torque to climb hills, charge tough terrain, and speed down streets. Robust, capable, and affordable.

Key Features

750W Mid Drive


20+ MPH


50 Miles

Max Range

1200 Watt - Hour


330 lbs

Max Load

Class 2


Gear & Accessories

Fully Assembled

Veteran Ran

0% Financing

1 Year Warranty

In-House Repair

Engine Model: Bafang 750W 120Nm Torque, Mid Drive, Cadence Sensing with Throttle

Dual Battery: No

Top Speed: 20 Mph from factory. Unlockable up to 30+ Mph

Gear System Description: Shimano Altus 8 Speed Trigger Shifter

Color Options: Green, Red, Black

Bike Weight: 63 Lbs

Brake System: Biktrix Dual Piston Hydraulic Brakes w/160mm Rotors

Internal Battery: 48V 17Ah 810Wh (est. 40mi/50km range)

Display: 800S Backlit LCD Display

Frame Material: 6061 Aluminum

Fork: RST Guide w/80mm Travel, Lockout & Rebound

Wheel Size: 26X4 Fat Wheels (Great On Snow|Sand|Gravel), 27.5X3 MTB Wheels (Great For All-Purpose Use And Commute)

Stem: Promax Adjustable 70mm

Pedal Assist Levels: 5

Walk Assist: Yes

Lifetime frame warranty and 1-year on all electronics.

While buying a DUO bike we highly recommend not missing the opportunity of buying a Range Extender which also functions as a Standby Spare in case the primary battery is not charged or fails.

Batteries are one of those things that you usually do not want to skimp on. We never hear anyone complaining that they get too much range from a charge. This is why we recommend getting the biggest battery you can afford.

Biktrix is proud to offer some of the largest ebike batteries on the market. Even when you pick our smallest battery option, it is often much larger than the largest offered by our competitors.

26×4.8 The widest tire we offer. Great for Off Road and Backwood adventures. Lots of tread bite for traction and width for cushion on rough ground as well as stability on the softer stuff (sand/snow)

26×4/24×4/20×4 4in Fat tires are a versatile choice. Great for on road and off. All season riding.

24×3 (depends on tread, street or mtb, use the below rim size bit along with applicable tread type bit from below)

20x/24x smaller wheel rim allowing for a shorter overall bike, great for riders who are not tall. Check the over bike measurements to choose the right size for you.

27.5×3 A versatile choice, more agile than 4in option. Great for trails and commutes. Not recommended for sand or snow.

Street tire – great for commuting or riding paved paths. Less Roll resistance.

MTB Tire– Great versatility. On or off road. More “bite” from the tread to.

What makes an electric bike different from a regular bike?
An electric bike has a few extra components over a non-electric bike. These are the display, control panel, throttle, brake cut-off sensors, motor, pedal-assist-sensor, and gear shift sensor. These extra components assist in climbing hills, riding faster, riding further, and getting more exercise.

The basics
One of the first things you’ll notice on an electric bike is the display in the middle of the handlebars. Turn on the display by using the power button on the bike’s controls; these are usually located near the left-hand grip. Once the display is on, all relevant information for using your electric bike can be accessed. You will be able to view your speed, battery-life estimate, odometer, pedal-assist level, as well as settings to help you configure your bike in a way that works best for you. For more information on settings, explore our online help-desk: https://support.biktrix.com/hc/en-us.

The brake levers have cut-off sensors that pause the motor under braking. These are essential to make sure that the motor and brakes do not work against each other and cause excess stress on your electric bike’s components. If you ever have trouble with your bike’s motor not engaging, try disconnecting these sensors first as it is one of the most common causes.

The electric bike’s throttle will also be located near the left-hand grip, this can be used at any time to receive full-power from the motor. Using the throttle is ideal for getting a boost off of the line or climbing a steep hill.

Riding an electric bike
If you have ridden a traditional bike, riding an electric bike will be a natural transition.

Using the up and down buttons on the controls, you can increase or decrease the amount of assist that the motor provides. An electric bike usually comes with 1-5 levels of assist, with level 1 delivering minimal help and level 5 having the bike do most of the work. Higher assist levels and throttle use will lower the range from your battery.

The bike’s gear shifter is near the right-hand grip. This controls the bike’s gears as it would on a non-electric bike. These gears can be used in tandem with the different pedal-assist levels to have the most control over how you ride. The largest gear will provide the most amount of torque and acceleration while the smallest gear provides the highest top speed. Biktrix bikes also come standard with a gear-shift sensor which cuts the power from the motor while shifting in order to preserve the bike’s drivetrain. This is especially important for mid-drive bikes where high-torque is applied to the chain.